Artist Talk with Filip Pagowski


Artist Talk with Filip Pagowski


An artist talk by Artport's resident Filip Pagowski

פיליפ פגוסקי, שנמצא בתוכנית הרזידנסי של ארטפורט, בשיחה חוצת דורות על אמנות, עיצוב, פוסטרים ואופנה

Sunday, 22 Jan at 8pm

יום ראשון 22.1.2017 בשעה 20:00

Filip will introduce his father Henryk Tomaszewski's graphic oeuvre followed by the presentation of his own work. His father's segment will consist of a show of his work, mostly posters, with some book covers, illustrations and satirical drawings, starting in the mid 1940s and continuing till the early 1990s. He will present the social, historical and political meaning of that time period in Poland and how it influenced, or not, the work and creative process of the leading member of the so called Polish School of Posters.
It will be followed by presenting Filip's own path within the graphic arts world, its ups and downs and its geography: America, Europe and Asia

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