Artport at Artis, Jaffa // Performative Conversation with Anissa Touati


Artport at Artis, Jaffa

Curator in Residence Anissa Touati

A performative conversation about degrees of depersonalization 

In these days of post reality, curator Anissa Touati, joined by French artists Lucille Uhlrich and Julien Lacroix, will try to push the boundaries of reality in a performative conversation between real life and fake characters, involving art and literature, avatars and pseudonyms.

The event will become part of a book published by Collection Verticales Gallimard, one of France's leading publishing houses.

Tuesday, May 15th, 8:00pm

The event will take place at Artis office, 37 Yehuda Yamit Street, Jaffa 


ארטפורט מתארח בארטיס, יפו

הצטרפו לאוצרת אניסה טואטי

לשיחה פרפורמטיבית על דהפרסונליזציה וניתוק מהעצמי

בעידן פוסט האמת שאנחנו חיים בו, האוצרת אניסה טואטי, יחד עם האמנים הצרפתים לוסיל אולריך וג׳וליין לקרואה, ינסו לדחוק את גבולות המציאות בשיחה פרפורמטיבית שנעה בין החיים האמיתיים לדמויות בדיוניות, ומערבת אמנות, ספרות, דמויות אווטאר ושמות עט.
השיחה תהיה חלק מספר שעתיד לצאת לאור על ידי Collection Verticales Gallimard, מההוצאות המובילות בצרפת.

יום שלישי, 15.5.18, 20:00

האירוע יתקיים במשרדי ארטיס, יהודה הימית 37, יפו


Anissa Touati b. 1982 is an exhibition maker, independent curator and Chalet Society’s co-director based between Mexico and France. Touati has realized numerous exhibitions in unusual places from public spaces, disused buildings to outdoor sites. She tries to forge links and interactions between artists and the exhibition space. Touati also independently co-organized exhibitions at galleries such as «¿Cómo te voy a olvidar? « at Galerie Perrotin (Paris), and organized at OMR Gallery «Made by 4 hands» (Mexico) and at institutions such as Anahuacalli Museum, Mexico city she curated the solo show of Jesper Just titled «Coordenadas».


Artport & Artis at MFA Bezalel // Artist Talk with Derek Fordjour



 ארטפורט וארטיס מתארחים בתואר השני לאמנויות בבצלאל

שיח אמן עם דרק פורדג'ור

העבודות של דרק פורדג'ור מתבססות על מגוון מקורות, כולל דימויים ספורטיביים, קלפי משחק ומוטיבים של קרנבל וקרקס כדי לחקור את הפגיעות האנושית. הוא בוחן את ההשלכות הכלכליות, הפוליטיות והפסיכו-סוציאליות של משחקי ספורט על מנת לדון במבנה הכוח שקיים סביב תגמולים וסנקציות, זכאות ועונש, הן לשחקן בתוך המשחק והן כאלגוריה לחוויה האנושית הרחבה יותר. דרך דינמיקת צוות והמתח של היחיד המנסה להיות חלק מהמאמץ קולקטיבי, הוא מתבונן על הסיכונים והתגמולים הטבועים במשחק הספורט, כמו גם בחיים עצמם.

יום ראשון, 15.4.18, 18:30

שהותו של דרק פורדג'ור בישראל היא שיתוף פעולה בין ארטיס וארטפורט
האירוע יתקיים בתואר השני לאמנויות, בצלאל, ברח' סלמה 60, תל אביב

Artport and Artis at MFA Program Bezalel

Artist Talk with Derek Fordjour

Derek Fordjour’s images draw upon a variety of sources, including sporting imagery, board and card games, carnival motifs, and the circus to explore ideas of vulnerability. He uses the economic, political and psychosocial implications of games to discuss the power structure that exists around rewards and sanctions, merit and punishment, for both the player within the game and as an allegory for the broader human experience. Team dynamics that evoke the tension of an individual situated within a collective effort, convey the seductive sense of the risks and rewards that are inherent in the drama of both games and life.

Sunday, April 15th, 6:30pm

Derek Fordjour’s stay in Israel is a collaboration between Artis and Artport
The event will take place at the MFA Program, Bezalel at 60 Salame st. Tel Aviv


Derek Fordjour was born in Memphis, Tennessee to parents of Ghanaian heritage. His work has been exhibited in numerous venues including Sotheby's S2 Gallery in New York City, Roberts & Tilton Gallery in Los Angeles, and Galleria Monica DeCardenas in Switzerland. He was awarded 2016 Sugarhill Museum Artist-in-Residence, 2017 C12 Emerging Artist Award and the 2017 Sharpe Walentas Studio Program in New York City. He is a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia, earned a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Harvard University and an MFA in painting at Hunter College.  His work has been reviewed in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Hyperallergic and Brooklyn Rail. He has also been featured in several publications such as Forbes Magazine, ESPN’s The Undefeated and VICE Creators. He frequently serves as a Visiting Critic and Lecturer, most recently at Yale University School of Art and The Cooper Union. His work also appears in several collections throughout the US and Europe including JP Morgan Chase collection and Dallas Museum of Art.

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Artport at Levontin 7 // Artist Book Launch, Nevet Yitzhak



ארטפורט מתארח בלבונטין 7

ארטפורט נרגשים להזמינכם להשקת ספר האמן של נבט יצחק Video Works

מוזמנים לאחר צהריים של וידאו, מוסיקה, קאווה ותותים.

בתכנית: קונצרט הוידאו Schneckentempo (בקצב החילזון) בשילוב נגינה חיה מאת אסיף צחר.


יום שישי 13.4.18 מ-13:00

האירוע יתקיים בלבונטין 7, תל אביב


Artport at Levontin 7

We are thrilled to invite you to the book launch of Nevet Yitzhak's artist book Video Works.

An afternoon of video, music, Cava and strawberries

With live improvisation by Assif Tsahar alongside Schneckentempo - a video concert by Nevet Yitzhak.


Friday April 13th, from 1pm

The event will take place at 7 Levontin st. Tel Aviv


לאירוע הפייסבוק  The Facebook Event



Artport at the CCA // Artist Talk with Chourouk Hriech


ארטפורט מתארח במרכז לאמנות עכשווית

שיח אמן עם שורוק הרייך
אמנית תוכנית הרזידנסי של ארטפורט מצרפת

אודות כאן ועכשיו, נוף עירוני פואטי, בתערוכה ״קדם-קודם-קדימה״ בשיתוף המכון הצרפתי

יום שני, 2.4.18, 20:00

האירוע יתקיים במרכז לאמנות עכשווית
צדוק הכהן 2 תל אביב

Artport at the CCA

Artist Talk with Chourouk Hriech
Here and Now, a Poetic Urblandscape

Artport's artist in residence at the exhibition "KEDEM-KODEM-KADIMA" at the CCA, in collaboration with The French Institute, Tel Aviv

Monday April 2nd, 8pm

With the support of Fondation Jacqueline de Romilly under the auspices of Fondation de France
The event will take place at The Center for Contemporary Art 
2 Tsadok HaCohen st. Tel Aviv


Chourouk Hriech is a French artist of Moroccan origins, working primarily with monochrome or black and white two-dimensional drawings, as well as installations, videos and photo-montages. Her drawings create some spaces not by empirical reality, but, though many build upon recognizable elements of actual places. The often surreal nature of these images interacts with notions of mapping, mobility, social fictions and how humans can found some solutions for live into the contemporary world with the ecology, the architecture.
A large number of her drawings is dedicated to the city of Paris and the landscape’s mutation around the constructions of the Tramway.
Hriech’s work has been shown at institutions including: Mamco, Genève, Suisse / MAC VAL, Vitry-sur-Seine, France / 8ème Biennale de Shanghai, Musée de Shanghai, Chine / Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, Norvège / 9eme Biennale de Marrakech, Projets parallèles, Maroc / Musée d’art contemporain Marseille, Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon, France / Cìrculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Espagne, Musée d’art contemporain et Musée Cantini, Marseille,

Born in Bourg-en –Bresse in 1977, she lives and works in Marseille, teaches drawing at the superior art school of Marseille.
Currently represented by the Galerie Anne-sarah Bénichou in Paris (France) and the Atelier21 Galerie, in Casablanca (Morocco).

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Artport at Artis, Jaffa // Tereza Jindrová & Tomáš Kajánek



Artport at Artis, Jaffa

Meet the Czechs
Tereza Jindrová & Tomáš Kajánek – curator and artist talk

A conversation with Tereza Jindrová, Artport’s curator in residence and Czech artist Tomáš Kajánek on their practices and trends in contemporary Czech art

Sunday March 25th, 8pm
The event will take place at Artis, 35 Yehuda Hayamit st., Jaffa


ארטפורט מתארח בארטיס, יפו

פגוש את הצ׳כים
תרזה ינדרובה ותומאש קיאנק, שיח אוצר ואמן

מפגש עם אוצרת בתוכנית הרזידנסי של ארטפורט תרזה ינדרובה, ועם האמן הצ׳כי תומאש קיאנק שיספרו על עבודתם ועל מגמות עכשוויות באמנות בצ׳כיה

יום ראשון, 25.3.18, 20:00
האירוע יתקיים במשרד ארטיס, 35 יהודה ימית, יפו


Tereza Jindrová (born 1988 in Prague, Czech Republic) is an art critic and curator based in Prague. She is generally interested in methods of creating curatorial ‘frames’ to layer different interactions between artists, artworks and the public. Recently she is focused on the topic of rational and irrational aspects of healing, irrational beliefs and magic, and gender stereotypes in the context of artistic creativity.

Currently, she works as the Curator and Manager of Public Programs for the Jindrich Chalupecky Society. She cooperates with the Educational Department of the National Gallery in Prague, with online platform Artyčok.TV and with the Czech Radio. Since 2014, she has been the co-curator of the Entrance Gallery in Prague and has been a board member of Skutek, a Czech association connecting artists and other cultural producers with a focus on institutional politics and the conditions of artistic production. Her previous experiences include working as the Fine Arts editor at A2 magazine, working for Flash Art magazine Czech and Slovak Edition, the Prague Biennale and Meetfactory – Centre of Contemporary Art in Prague.

She studied History of Art at the Charles University and Theory and History of Design and New Media at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She was awarded with Věra Jirousová's Award (2013) for art criticism for young authors. In the past two years, she curated/co-curated Healing at Czech Centre Berlin; performance project of Barbora Kleinhamplová at Art in General, New York; Hanky Panky at Fotopub Festival, Novo Mesto; Apparatus for a Utopian Image at EFA Project Space, New York; Monument – A School of Gestures at CCC Gallery, Beijing; and GIRLFRIEND at National Gallery, Prague.


Tomáš Kajánek (lives and works in Prague) primarily employs the media of photography, video and performance. His actions embody current issues to make them a matter of concern. While his early work usually deals with the question of agency – the individual’s capacity to act within rigid social structures, Kajánek recently moved on to possibilities of new technologies that may change recently known infrastructure. In particular, he is focused on an implementation of 3D printing that was named as a new industrial revolution. Application of 3D printing contributed to a collapsing distinction of digital data and physical objects and it also brought urgency in  matters of liberty. Democratization of manufacturing present new scenarios of society that are the basis for his recent work.

Recent selected solo shows include: Liberate Me, Nitrianska galéria, Nitra (SK); The Last Step for the Consecration of the Union between a Man and a Firearm, Croxhapox, Gent (BE); I Don’t See Colour: Series of Retouched Photography, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam (NL) Recent selected group shows include: Ripple Effect, Futura Gallery, Prague (CZ); Vienna Biennale, Performing Public Art 2015, AIL, Vienna (AT); OFF2 BIENALLE, National Gallery, Prague (CZ). Kajánek was a resident artist at AIR Antwerpen in Belgium (2017) and at HWW in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2016).