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ARTPORT TELAVIV is the new art arena of The Center for Young Art, a nonprofit organization founded by Mr. Jason Arison, Chairman of The Ted Arison Family Foundation.

The Arison family has been a major supporter of the arts for many years, both in Israel and in the United States. Jason initiated and founded The Center for Young Art out of his passion for the arts and his wish to support emerging artists. The Center for Young Art and ARTPORT TEALVIV is one of 5 vision ventures of The Ted Arison Family Foundation. To read more about the Ted Arison Family Foundation, visit us at www.arison.

Jason Arison wishes ARTPORT TELAVIV to be a home for emerging artists, a place that will be reflected upon as the turning point in the lives of talented artists, and to serve as a platform for an alternative artistic dialogue, between the local contemporary art scene, international organizations and independent artists worldwide. As such, ARTPORT TELAVIV will also benefit the general public, spreading artistic awareness and knowledge locally and internationally, experiencing trends and insights from the contemporary art world.

The Center for young Art will promote Israeli contemporary visual art worldwide and bring it closer to the general public through ARTPORT TELAVIV, a home for emerging artists.
ARTPORT TELAVIV will act as a dynamic and challenging environment for the creation and exhibition of art work, and will initiate communal educational programs and collaborations with local and international organizations.

1. To lead an admission format that is transparent and based on equality, thus providing a real chance for any artist to apply and become a candidate for the ARTPORT TELAVIV residency program.

2. To offer emerging artists a place to create both independently and as part of a diverse group of artists, from different disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities.

3. To offer artists the opportunity to focus on their professional artistic growth.

4. To promote collaboration with leading organizations, locally and internationally, enabling joint learning, a mutual working experience and familiarization with the art world.  

5. To experientially engage the community in artistic educational activity, bringing the public closer to the latest trends of contemporary art, locally and internationally.

ARTPORT TEL AVIV proudly presents a 12 months residency program for emerging artists and curators practicing visual arts.

ARTPORT TEL AVIV will organize collaborative community and artistic projects, group exhibitions, studio visits, art salons, lectures, master classes, and exposure to a large community of creative collaborators.

All residents will participate in the process of planning and growing the organization as a whole.

We are seeking people who are active community members and friends who will contribute their uniqueness for the benefit of our social milieu

Each year 6 Israeli artists will be selected by a committee of diverse professional advisors.
In addition 8 International artists will be invited for a period of up to 3 months.

For the duration of  the Residency , the selected group will be offered: a Studio, accommodation, a monthly scholarship and a professional enrichment program, consisting of workshops, lectures, discussions, art salon events, exhibition opportunities, professional exposure (web and studio visits).

Israeli curators and artists who wish to apply to the program will be required the following:

Application requirements:

1) Resume

2) Artist statement

3) Work samples

4) Application form

5) Letter of Recommendation

Ilan De Vries, Dan Muggia, Ido Barel, Mira Lapidot.

We thank them for their time, and for sharing their knowledge with us.

We also wish to thank Iddo Markus, Yael Burstein and Gaby Ron for thier guidance during our first years. Their input and advice have led our way and will continue to do so. 

Vardit Gross

Yael Moshe
Program Coordinator

The Ted Arison Family Foundation Management

Mr. Jason Arison
The Ted Arison Family Foundation (Israel) Public Benefit Company Ltd.

Mrs. Shlomit De-Vries
The Ted Arison Family Foundation (Israel) Public Benefit Company Ltd.

Mrs. Rachel Cohen
Deputy CEO & CFO
The Ted Arison Family Foundation (Israel) Public Benefit Company Ltd.